plotThalwegTimeAltitudes(avalancheDir, simIndex, simDF, rasterTransfo, pfvCrossMax, modName, demSim, mtiInfo, cfgRangeTime, velocityThreshold, measuredData='')[source]

Create plot showing the resType peak field with thalweg, thalweg vs altitude with max peak field values along thalweg derived from peak fields and the tt-diagram

  • avalancheDir (str or pathlib path) – path to avalanche directory

  • simIndex (str) – index of current sim in simDF

  • simDF (dataFrame) – dataframe with one row per simulation, and all model config parameters

  • rasterTransfo (dict) – dict with info on transformation from cartesian to thalweg coordinate system

  • dictRaster (dict) – dict with info on peak fields

  • modName (str) – name of com module used to perform sims

  • demSim (dict) – dict with info on dem used for sims

  • measuredData (dict) –

    dict data: with time series of measured data (same format as trackedPartProp)

    labelName: str name of label for plots t: 1D array of time steps