in1Data: Input data utilities

Get input data

in1Data.getInput module provides functions to fetch or generate input data for avalanche simulations within AvaFrame. The main functions are described in more detail in the following sections. A detailed description of all the small helper functions is provided in in1Data.getInput


in1Data.getInput.getInputCom1DFA() fetches the input data from an avalanche director required to start avalanche simulations with com1DFA. This data consists of a digital elevation model (DEM), a release scenario shapefiles, optional entrainment and resistance area shapefiles and is returned as a dictionary.


in1Data.computeFromDistribution is collection of functions that facilitates retrieving a sample of values that are distributed following a uniform or Pert distribution. This is useful if you want to perform avalanche simulations for a range of release thickness values (or any other parameter), that should be distributed following a specific distribution. Besides returning a sample of values following the desired distribution, various plots can be generated detailing the characteristics of the sample. The required input parameters can be found in the respective configuration file in1Data.computeFromDistributionCfg.ini. Detailed information on the functions can be found in in1Data.computeFromDistribution.

To run

An example of how a parameter set distributed following a uniform or Pert distribution can be generated, is provided by runScripts/

  • first go to AvaFrame/avaframe

  • copy in1Data/computeFromDistributionCfg.ini to in1Data/local_computeFromDistributionCfg.ini (if not, the standard settings are used)

  • adjust path to the desired NameOfAvalanche/ folder in your local copy of avaframeCfg.ini

  • run:

    python3 runScripts/