com6RockAvalanche: Rock Avalanche


This is highly experimental and not tested!

The com6RockAvalanche computational module provides an override setting for com1DFA targeting the simulation of rock avalanches.


The standard inputs required to perform a simulation run using com1DFA can be found here: Input. However there is one main difference: com6RockAvalanche NEEDS a release thickness raster file. This file has to have the exact same dimensions as the topography file. There is a run script to perform a rock avalanche com1DFA run:, and the configuration settings can be found in com6RockAvalanche/com6RockAvalancheCfg.ini.

To run

  • first go to AvaFrame/avaframe

  • copy avaframeCfg.ini to local_avaframeCfg.ini and set your desired avalanche directory name

  • create an avalanche directory with required input files - for this task you can use Initialize Project

  • copy com6RockAvalanche/com6RockAvalancheCfg.ini to com6RockAvalanche/local_com6RockAvalancheCfg.ini and if desired change configuration settings

  • if you are on a develop installation, make sure you have an updated compilation, see installation:Setup AvaFrame

  • run: