plotParticleThalwegAltitudeVelocity(avalancheDir, simIndex, simDF, rasterTransfo, dictVelAltThalweg, resTypePlots, modName, demData)[source]

plot peak flow fields and velocity thalweg envelope

  • avalancheDir (pathlib path or str) – path to avalanche directory

  • simIndex (str) – index of current simulation

  • rasterTransfo (dict) – info on domain transformation from xy to sl thalweg

  • dictVelAltThalweg (dict) – info on velocity and altitude of particles along thalweg s

  • resTypePlots (list) – list of result types that shall be plotted, one plot for each resType

  • modName (str) – name of com module used to perform sims

  • demData (dict) – dict of dem from sim