readMeasuredParticleData(avalancheDir, demHeader, pData='')[source]

fetch data on measured particles from pickle in Inputs/measuredParticles only one pickle file allowed if no pData (name of particle file) is provided

  • avalancheDir (pathlib path) – path to avalanche directory

  • demHeader (dict) – currently xllcenter, yllcenter required to set x, y coordinates to origin 0,0

  • pData (str) – name of mesured particle file


mParticles – dict with info on measured particles properties (veloctiyMag, x, y, z, uAcc, t) all properties except t are of shape: mxn matrix, where m refers to the time steps and n to the individual particles t is a vector of the time step values corresponding to m label is a list of names of the labels for the measured particles corresponding to n

Return type