plotParticleMotionTracking(avalancheDir, simName, dictVelAltThalweg, trackedPartProp, dictVelEnvelope, demSim, modName, rasterTransfo, measuredData='')[source]

Create plot showing particle properties over time and along avalanche thalweg in light blue envelope for all particles (filled between min and max values) in dark blue the values for tracked particles

panel 1: map view of flow variable peak field panel 2: particle trajectoryLengthXYZ vs time panel 3: particle velocityMagnitude vs time panel 4: particle acceleration vs time panel 5: particle trajectoryLengthXYZ vs thalweg Sxy panel 6: particle velocity vs thalweg Sxy panel 7: particle acceleration vs thalweg Sxy

  • avalancheDir (pathlib path or str) – path to avalanche directory

  • simName (str) – name of simulation

  • dictVelAltThalweg (dict) – dict with velocity and altitude envelope info for all particles

  • trackedPartProp (dict) – dict with time series of tracked particle properties

  • dictVelEnvelope (dict) – dict with velocity envelope info

  • demSim (dict) – dict with sim dem info

  • modName (str) – name of computational module that has been used to produce the sims

  • measuredData (dict) –

    dict data: with time series of measured data (same format as trackedPartProp)

    labelName: str name of label for plots t: 1D array of time steps