plotValuesScatter(peakValues, resType1, resType2, cfg, avalancheDir, statsMeasure='max', flagShow=False)[source]

Produce scatter plot of statistical measures (eg. max values) (resType1 und resType2), for one set of simulations or multiple

  • peakDictList (dict) – peakValues dictionary that contain max values of peak parameters and parameter variation info

  • resType1 (str) – result parameter 1, ‘ppr’, ‘pft’, ‘pfv’

  • resType2 (str) – result parameter 1, ‘ppr’, ‘pft’, ‘pfv’

  • cfg (dict) – configuration, for now contains output location and varPar: parameter that is varied to perfom a set of simulations

  • statsMeasure (str) – statistical measure for plotting, options: max, mean, min, std

  • flagShow (bool) – if True show plot