generatePlot(dataDict, avaName, outDir, cfg, plotDict, crossProfile=True)[source]

Create comparison plots of two ascii datasets

This function creates two plots, one plot with four panels with, first dataset, second dataset, the absolute difference of the two datasets and the absolute difference capped to a smaller range of differences (ppr: +- 100kPa, pft: +-1m, pfv:+- 10ms-1). The difference plots also include an insert showing the histogram and the cumulative density function of the differences. The second plot shows a cross- and along profile cut of the two datasets. The folder and simulation name of the datasets has to be passed to the function.

  • dataDict (dict) –

    dictionary with info on both datasets to be plotted:
    name1: str

    string with the name of the first data set

    name2: str

    string with the name of the second data set

    data1: 2D numpy arrays

    raster of the first data sets

    data2: 2D numpy arrays

    raster of the first second sets

    cellSize: float

    cell size

    suffix: str

    optional information about the data type compared (‘ppr’, ‘pft’, ‘pfv’, ‘P’, ‘FV’, ‘FT’, ‘Vx’…)

  • avaName (str) – name of avalanche

  • outDir (pathlib path) – path to dictionary where plots shall be saved to

  • cfg (configParser) – cfg[‘FLAGS’].getboolean(‘showPlot’)

  • plotDict (dict) – dictionary with information about plots, for example release area


plotDict – updated plot dictionary with info about e.g. min, mean, max of difference between datasets

Return type