plotErrorTime(time, hErrorL2Array, hErrorLMaxArray, vhErrorL2Array, vhErrorLMaxArray, relativ, t, outputName, outDirTest)[source]

plot and save error between a given com1DFA sol and the analytic sol function of time

  • time (1D numpy array) – time array

  • hErrorL2Array (1D numpy array) – flow thickness L2 error array

  • hErrorLMaxArray (1D numpy array) – flow thickness LMax error array

  • vhErrorL2Array (1D numpy array) – flow momentum L2 error array

  • vhErrorLMaxArray (1D numpy array) – flow momentum LMax error array

  • relativ (str)

  • t (float) – time for vertical line

  • outputName (str) – figure name

  • outDirTest (str or pathlib) – output directory