generateAveragePath(avalancheDir, pathFromPart, simName, dem, addVelocityInfo=False, flagAvaDir=True, comModule='com1DFA')[source]

extract path from fileds or particles

  • avalancheDir (pathlib) – avalanche directory pathlib path

  • pathFromPart (boolean) – compute path from particles if True, from fields (FT, FM, FV) if False

  • simName (str) – simulation name

  • dem (dict) – com1DFA simulation dictionary

  • addVelocityInfo (boolean) – True to add (u2, ekin, totEKin) to result Will only work if the particles (ux, uy, uz) exist or if ‘FV’ exists

  • flagAvaDir (bool) – if True avalancheDir corresponds to an avalanche directory and data is read from avaDir/Outputs/comModule/particles or avaDir/Outputs/comModule/peakFiles depending on if pathFromPart is True or False

  • comModule (str) – module that computed the particles or fields


  • avaProfileMass (dict) – mass averaged profile (x, y, z, ‘s’) if addVelocityInfo is True, kinetic energy and velocity information are added to the avaProfileMass dict (u2, ekin, totEKin)

  • particlesIni (dict) – x, y coord of the initial particles or flow thickness field