extractMaxValues(inputDir, avaDir, varPar, restrictType='', nameScenario='', parametersDict='')[source]

Extract max values of result parameters and save to dictionary

  • optionally restrict data of peak fields by defining which result parameter with restrictType, provide nameScenario and a parametersDict to filter simulations

  • inputDir (str) – path to directoy where peak files can be found

  • avaDir (str) – path to avalanche directoy

  • varPar (str) – parameter that has been varied when performing simulations (for example relTh)

  • restrictType (str) – optional -result type of result parameters that should be used to mask result fields (eg. ppr, pft, ..)

  • nameScenario (str) – optional -parameter that shall be used for color coding of simulation results in plots (for example releaseScenario)

  • parametersDict (dict) – optional -dictionary with parameter and parameter values to filter simulations


peakValues – dictionary that contains max values for all result parameters for each simulation

Return type