Source code for ana1Tests.testUtilities

    Functions for handling benchmark tests data, filtering, sorting

# Load modules
import pathlib
import logging
import json
import numpy as np

# Local imports
from avaframe.in3Utils import cfgUtils
from avaframe.in3Utils import logUtils
import avaframe.com1DFA.com1DFA as com1DFA

# create local logger
# change log level in calling module to DEBUG to see log messages
log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def createDesDictTemplate(): """ create an empty dictionary with all required test info keys """ desDict = {'TAGS': [], 'DESCRIPTION': '', 'TYPE': [], 'FILES': [], 'AVANAME': ''} return desDict
[docs]def writeDesDicttoJson(desDict, testName, outDir): """ create a json file with all required test info from desdict Parameters ----------- desDict: dict description dictionary of test testName: str name of benchmark test outDir: str or pathlib Path path where json file is saved Returns -------- fileName: pathlib path path to json file """ jsonDict = json.dumps(desDict) fileName = pathlib.Path(outDir, "%s_desDict.json" % testName) f = open(fileName, "w") f.write(jsonDict) f.close() return fileName
[docs]def readDesDictFromJson(fileName): """ read dict from json file Parameters ----------- fileName: str or pathlib path path to json file Returns -------- desDict: dict dictionary read from json file """ with open(fileName) as f: desDict = json.load(f) return desDict
[docs]def readAllBenchmarkDesDicts(info=False, inDir=''): """ get descritption dicts for all benchmark tests and add test name as key Parameters ---------- info: bool True if info shall be printed to log inDir: pathLib object path to benchmarks directory Returns -------- testDictList: list list of test info dictionaries """ if inDir == '': inDir = pathlib.Path('..', 'benchmarks') testDirs = list(inDir.glob('ava*')) testDictList = [] for testDir in testDirs: desDictFile = list(testDir.glob('*desDict.json')) if desDictFile != []: testName = desDict = readDesDictFromJson(desDictFile[0]) desDict.update({'NAME': testName}) if info:'%s: Tags: %s' % (desDict['NAME'], desDict['TAGS'])) log.debug('%s: Full Info: %s' % (testDir, desDict)) testDictList.append(desDict) else: testName = log.debug('%s: No test description file provided! Test skipped' % testName) return testDictList
[docs]def filterBenchmarks(testDictList, filterType, valuesList, condition='or'): """ filter benchmarks according to characteristic Parameters ----------- testDictList: list list of benchmark dictionaries filterType: str key which is used for filtering (options: TAGS, TYPE) valuesList: list list of values used for filtering condition: str if multiple values given in valuesList - if 'or' then all test dictionaries are returned that have either of the values, if 'and' then only those are returned that feature both values Returns --------- testList: list list of all the benchmark dicionaries that meet filter criterion """ testList = [] flag = False # convert valueslist to list if not already list if (isinstance(valuesList, list) is False) and (isinstance(valuesList, np.ndarray) is False): valuesList = [valuesList] for testDict in testDictList: if filterType == 'AVANAME': if testDict['AVANAME'] in valuesList: testList.append(testDict) elif filterType == 'NAME': if testDict['NAME'] in valuesList: testList.append(testDict) else: # convert testDict[filterType] to list if not already list if isinstance(testDict[filterType], list) is False: testDict[filterType] = [testDict[filterType]] if condition == 'or': if any(values in testDict[filterType] for values in valuesList): testList.append(testDict) elif condition == 'and': if all(values in testDict[filterType] for values in valuesList): testList.append(testDict) else: flag = True if flag: log.warning('Not a valid condition - please chose and or or as condition') return testList
[docs]def getTestAvaDirs(testList): """ get a list of avalanche directories of tests Parameters ----------- testList: list list of test dictionaries Returns -------- avaDirs: list list of paths to avalanche directories """ avaDirs = [] for tests in testList: avaDir = pathlib.Path('data', tests['AVANAME']) avaDirs.append(str(avaDir)) return avaDirs
[docs]def fetchBenchmarkResults(testName, resTypes=[], refDir=''): """ Fetch a list of all paths to result files in a benchmark test, default all result file paths, if resType list provided only for resTypes in list Parameters ----------- refDir: str path to benchmark test directory resTypes: list list of all resTypes that shall be returned Returns ------- refFiles: list list of paths to all result files found for benchmark test and resType """ if refDir == '': refDir = pathlib.Path('..', 'benchmarks', testName) if resTypes != []: refFiles = [] for resType in resTypes: refFiles.extend(list(refDir.glob('*' + resType + '.asc'))) else: refFiles = list(refDir.glob('*.asc')) for refFile in refFiles:'Benchmarktest fetched result file: %s' % refFile) return refFiles