Data Visualisation

Main functions for creating visualisations of AvaFrame simulation results can be found in out3Plot and out1Peak. com1DFA also offers the possibility to export data on particle properties for visualisation using the open-source application ParaView. In order to start analysing particle data of com1DFA, follow these steps:

in your local copy of com1DFA/com1DFACfg.ini:

  • section [GENERAL]: add particles to the resType

  • section [GENERAL]: set which time steps you want to save at tSteps

  • section [VISUALISATION]: set writePartToCSV = True and add the particles’ properties you are interested in to the particleProperties

in ParaView

  • open the particles file located in data/avaDir/Outputs/com1DFA/particlesCSV - there will be one available for each simulation performed containing the info on all saving time steps

  • apply the filter TableToPoints and set X, Y, Z for the X, Y, Z columns

  • switch to the RenderView: you can look at all the different particle properties you have saved for all exported time steps

  • it is also possible to save an animation over all time steps