quickPlotBench(avaDir, simNameRef, simNameComp, refDir, compDir, cfg, suffix)[source]

Plot simulation result and compare to reference solution (two raster datasets of identical dimension) and save to Outputs/out3Plot within avalanche directoy.

figure 1, plot raster data for dataset1, dataset2 and their difference, their difference limited to specified range, including a histogram and the cumulative density function of the differences

figure 2, plot cross and longprofiles for both datasets (ny_loc and nx_loc define location of profiles)

plots are saved to Outputs/out3Plot

  • avaDir (str or pathlib path) – path to avalanche directory

  • simNameRef (str) – name of reference simulation

  • simNameComp (str) – name of comparison simulation

  • refDir (str or pathlib path) – path to reference file

  • compDir (str or pathlib path) – path to comparison file

  • cfg (dict) – global configuration settings

  • suffix (str) – result type


plotList – plot dictionaries (path to plots, min, mean and max difference between plotted datasets, max and mean value of reference dataset )

Return type