Release Notes

1.0rc2 (7. March 2022)


  • adds avaframe version to log

  • appends date to logfile name

  • update similarity solution plots

  • re-add codecov

  • add in addition to vary thickness values if read from shp - not just in percent but also in absolute value

  • ana1Test energy line test

  • documentation info on visualisation options (Paraview)



Code: core team

v1.0_rc1 (31. January 2022)


  • update the pytest github action to version 3.9

  • Add ana5Hybrid, module that combines statistical module com2AB with the DFA module com1DFA

  • new requirement shapely

  • add release area info to benchmark ini files

  • com1DFA new flags/system for release thickness and entrainment thickness settings and options

  • com1DFA add travel angle computation

  • com1DFA release thickness percent variation option

  • com1DFA unique simHash including info on release scenario with correct thickness

  • com1DFA removed return parameters from com1DFAMain

  • com1DFA update benchmark ini files

  • com1DFA documentation for bottom friction and operator splitting

  • com1DFA option to redistribute particles after initialisation in order to reduce SPH force

  • com1DFA Implement Ata Viscosity and an SPH flow depth computation

  • com1DFA new splitting/merging of particles

  • com1DFA enable to initialize particles with a non constant flow depth

  • com1DFA remove unmaintained leap frog time stepping scheme

  • ana4Prob add example for performing a parameter variation run with prob analysis

  • ana4Prob use default com module setup or specified in local - add variation for prob run

  • ana4Prob perform analysis using probabilityConfiguration in runScript


  • errors in com2AB documentation

  • tcpu field in com1DFA

  • ordering of dict for analysisAdd

  • pytest errors related to matplotlib colors and legend

  • particle splitting issue


Code: core team, M. v. Busse (UIBK), M. Winkler (UIBK)

v0.6 (24. September 2021)


  • installation via pypi (pip install)

  • connection to QGis (via plugin manager)

  • function to interpolate data on mesh of different cellSize using splinesp

  • testing via pytest extended

  • more pathlib usage

  • ASCII header is read as dict

  • documentation contains FAQ page

  • reworked installation instructions

  • cleaner test reports/inis

  • github action to deploy to pypi

  • switch to codeclimate

  • use consistent thickness attributes (shapefiles etc)

  • com1DFA any resolution is possible now

  • com1DFA split the getWeight function in two: first get cell and then get weights.

  • com1DFA avoid possibility of segfault because particles exit too quickly the domain.

  • com1DFA additional particles info: unique identifier for each particle and parent particles

  • com1DFA central time step calling

  • com1DFA additional options to set mass per particle directly or via release thickness

  • com1DFA interpolation option for initialization of Hpart

  • com1DFA read entrainment thickness

  • ana3AIMEC override option for raster cellsize

  • ana3AIMEC mass analysis plot even if more than 2 simulations


  • getTimeIndex problem if dtSave < actual dt

  • better way to remove particles

  • track particles exiting the computation domain

  • fix issue save particles

  • read aimec grid info from result files and not from dem

  • add reasonString to removal of particles

  • fix correct module name in AIMEC

  • com2AB write out to shp


  • Code: core team

v0.5 (13. July 2021)


  • filtering functions for com1DFA simulations

  • flag to disable print at CFG reading

  • new colormaps for ppr, pfd, pfv

  • com1DFA option to add friction explicitly using the method described in #273 .

  • com1DFA Resistance force is added explicitly.

  • com1DFA New method to get the release area

  • com2AB function to write results to shapefile

  • ana3AIMEC warning for empty runout zone

  • ana3AIMEC enable simulation ordering/filtering


  • beta angle issue i.e. distance below angle

  • correct removal of particles

  • AIMEC produces warning on empty runout area

  • adapt quickplot to new naming scheme


  • Code: core team

  • Colormaps: C.Tollinger

DOI for this release:

v0.4.1 (9. June 2021)

Minor release to fix issue with zenodo

v0.4 (8. June 2021)

The switch release

This is a big release: we switched our dense flow module ‘com1DFA’ to the python version. This means that you know get to use the python version as default. However, the original version is still available in the module com1DFAOrig. The full documentation for the python com1DFA version as well as updated benchmarks will be released in the next version.

Module com2AB (AlphaBeta) recieved an update allowing for custom parameters.

Simulation naming and identification also recieved a major change, we introduced unique ID’s for each individual configuration.


  • Code: core team

v0.3 (26. April 2021)

The AIMEC and Windows release

This release brings an AIMEC refactor, plenty of improvements related to the test cases and Windows capabilities. 3 new idealised/generic test case are included: flat plane, inclined slope and pyramid.

Com1DFAPy recieved a lot of advancement as well, e.g. parts of it are converted to cython to speed up computation times.

Documentation regarding our testing is included, see more at the testing page.


  • Code: core team

DOI for this release:

v0.2 (28. Dezember 2020)

The testing release

Version 0.2 includes the first real world avalanches. It provides data for 6 avalanches, including topographies, release areas and benchmark results. To know more about our data sources, head over to our data sources documentation. The existing test cases also recieved some updates by including multiple release areas and multiple scenarios per avalanche.

This release also is the first to include API documentation for our modules and functions. However not all functions are included yet.


  • Data: M.Granig, C. Tollinger

  • Data: Land Tirol

  • Code: core team

v0.1 (06 November 2020)

Initial release.

This release is the result of several months of development.

Several people have contributed to this release, either directly or through code that was used as reference/basis:

  • Peter Sampl, code base for com1DFA

  • Jan-Thomas Fischer, code base AIMEC, code related to com1DFA

  • Michael Neuhauser, code for helper and transformation utilities, com1DFA

  • Andreas Kofler, code related to AIMEC and com1DFA

and the core team:

  • Anna Wirbel

  • Matthias Tonnel

  • Felix Oesterle