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All definitions are considered as they are used within avaframe. However we try to follow common conventions used in other publications and projects as best as possible.


The catchment, geographic…

avalanche path
avalanche profile

The main path of an avalanche (catchment), i.e. NOT in regard to a specific scenario. This is usually seen as the path that describes the main characteristics of the avalanche best. It is recommended to start this path at (or close to) the highest point, then follow the main features downslope and extend it far enough in the runout zone to accommodate even the biggest scenario. Once set for a specific avalanche, it should only be changed for very important reasons, as this path ensures the consistency and comparabilty between different investigations or experiments.

beta angle

Angle from the topmost point of a profile to the beta point.

beta point
10 deg point

The point along a topography profile at which the slope angle is 10 degrees. Is usually considered to be the point after which the profile is consistently below 10 degrees.

entrainment thickness [entTh]

snow thickness normarl to surface in entrainment area

release thickness [relTh]

TODO: which symbol

snow thickness normal to surface in a release area.


The furthest point downslope an avalanche reaches. This can be defined either by the furthest particle, or could also be defined with pressure values, i.e. the furthest point where an avalanche is above 1 kPa, or similar.

runout area

The area a scenario covers with its runout inside the runout zone. ???

runout distance

The distance of the runout from the first point of the (user provided) main avalanche path. The distance is measured along the path. It does not provide an information about the actual distance snow/material travelled for a certain scenario, see runout length for this. Runout distance can be seen a characteristic of a certain avalanche catchment.

runout length

The actual length the snow/material of a certain scenario travels, i.e. the distance from release area to the runout along the avalanche path.

runout zone

The area/zone in which runouts usually end up. ???


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